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Sustainability Trends in the Changing Chinese Market

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Sustainability Trends in the Changing Chinese Market

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As an important manufacturing base and global economic power, China also demonstrates rapid domestic market growth. Most recently, its e-commerce market has quickly emerged and expanded, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. While traditional retail faces immense challenges, online shopping has expanded beyond key urban markets and is now reaching rural areas, and purchasing platforms now connect consumers directly to producers. Such change adds new dynamics to the sustainability agenda in China. While the Chinese government continues to lead by pushing clean energy, environmental protections, and social well-being, consumers are also demanding better quality and safer products. In this session, key business leaders and stakeholders will facilitate a dialogue to better understand how Chinese government regulations and laws will steer the sustainability direction, to what extent consumer preference will impact market performance, and how traceability platforms can push a new perspective on sustainability within the country.

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I felt this conference was life changing. I am truly inspired and am plotting both career and personal changes to live up to the great lessons I learned. Both the sessions and the networking were vital.


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