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The Nexus of Climate and Health: Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

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The Nexus of Climate and Health: Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

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For the first time in our lifetime, the entire global community is impacted by the same grave threat of COVID-19. The solidarity of this moment has led many to rise to the occasion in unprecedented fashion—governments have committed trillions to support industries and jobs affected by the global shutdown, and companies and philanthropists have directed billions toward finding therapeutics and supporting vulnerable frontline workers. This response must also be applied to the climate crisis. There is evidence that the growing threat of climate change will increase the frequency and severity of pandemics, and that the impact of these crises will disproportionately fall on poor and minority communities—further deepening economic inequality that is at the root of social unrest. In this session, we will explore the lessons learned from COVID-19 and how rebuilding efforts can and must consider a just transition to a green economy.

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I felt this conference was life changing. I am truly inspired and am plotting both career and personal changes to live up to the great lessons I learned. Both the sessions and the networking were vital.


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