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The Business Role in Creating a 21st-Century Social Contract

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The Business Role in Creating a 21st-Century Social Contract

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The social contract—the relationship between individuals and institutions—needs an overhaul. For much of the second half of the 20th century, the roles and responsibilities of business, government, civil society, and people remained relatively constant and provided vital protections to support healthy and productive lives. But today, people are relying on strained protection systems that fail to keep up with our 21st-century realities. And there is increasing attention on the need to align the purpose of business with essential societal needs, such as the transition to a net-zero economy; a digital economy that sustains jobs, livelihoods, and economic fairness; and the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Join us to learn more about how your company can act, enable, and influence to create a social contract that enables not only economic security and mobility, but also the creation of long-term value, an agile 21st-century workforce, and an environment in which innovative products, services, and business models can flourish.

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I felt this conference was life changing. I am truly inspired and am plotting both career and personal changes to live up to the great lessons I learned. Both the sessions and the networking were vital.


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